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Tap Into Your Ideas

Do you have an idea that you wish to promote?

Are you having a hard time reaching your full potential?

Wether it be ministry or business, sometimes it can get complicated maintaining your stability in whatever endeavor you are birthing. Here at Epitome Focus, we dive into the depth of your ideas, and create a solution that will help you in the area or areas that will put you on the right path to success. 

See the categories below for consultation  

Song Writing

Did you know that the greatest song ever written is the Alphabet, it is all over the world in many different languages. I am set on believing that you can accomplish the same thing. Some of the greatest composers have written songs from their experiences, me myself feel that the best songs come from honesty within, being truthful in telling the story. 

I can help you open your mind and pull out the greatness within you. There is a start, middle, and finish to everything and at Epitome Focus we focus on completion.


To all leaders who desire to advertise their ministry with the spirit of excellence, we can help. In the area of music, if you're not satisfied with your sound, we can point you in the right direction to get you quality. If you're dealing with media worship and would like to have more spontaneous music in your free to flow atmosphere, we are equipped and experienced in the area of recording and will sit down with you to explain how we can make this happen. One of the biggest things I have been asked is how can I get organized (this is coming from small churches and ministries). We can formulate a plan that will be comfortable for you to understand. Since this is what some would say is a troubled time, some small establishments have been searching for answers to keep their congregation up to speed, without the glitches and delays of videos off the phone. We also work in this area




Spoken Word/ Poetry

We place music and effects that surrounds and emphasize your message as a whole. We are careful to capitalize on every detail that will convey your message clearly. We can match your words with gripping video details, as well.  

Do not let your talent be wasted, but instead search and proceed with a plan. 

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