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Epitome Focus, LLC

Where we Focus on Excellence

Take Your Ideas To another level

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Products & Services

All Videos & Commercials

Starting at $2500

Pricing includes:

     -Video Creation/Commercial Creation (including voice overs if needed)

     -Music (stock or customized for your project)

     -Creation of Gmail Account & YouTube Channel

Price is subject to change based on length of video, additional editing and personalized music composition

Music Composition

Prices start at $1500 per song*

-Includes music composition and mix down

Vocal Mixing starts at $200

-If you have a project that needs voice-overs, options are available

*extra charges for additional editing

Logo Creation


Starting at $200

-Price based on complexity of logo design

    -Includes personalized logo creation

    -additional cost is $50/hour of editing

   *Epitome Focus does not offer copyrighting or trademark of logo

Pitch Deck

This service is available for anyone that is looking for a 1-3 minute video

to present to potential investors.

Prices starting at $550 (depending on details or time added)

$100 charge if additional voice-overs are needed

Price plans are available, do not let money be an issue that will stop you from getting this advertisement. We can work around your finances.

For more details or to get an estimate, contact:


Featured Work

What We stand for

We stand by a set of rules

We shoot for perfection

Consistency equals results

we believe that there should be a higher level of excellence with every element of your business or ministry

Some quotes that you may hear us say

-Things don't change us, we change things

-Never let your past dictate your future

-If you can't imagine it, you will never have it

-trying makes it harder, doing makes it doable

-a small drip in the water still makes ripples

-be a leader with a servant's heart

-Every bus has a destination, how about you?



Epitome Focus, LLC
Holland, MI
We specialize in videography, photography, logo creation, music composition & mixing.
Our services include creating commercials for personal use, business or ministry, using unique personalized music, effects, pictures and video. We also create music videos for select projects including creation of YouTube account and uploads. You can also use these videos on your personal or business website.

The idea is to get you to the next level, to bring a new level of excellence by painting the canvas with unique style.

Time is of the essence! Tap into your potential!

Epitome Focus does not do any explicit videos or music.

CEO & Founder

Pastor John E. Turner


Thank you in advance for any donation!!!

You can send all donations to...
Cash App
: JohnTurner@GodsWords

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